Erick's Testimonial
Erick is the founder of Round Betty Wheels.

Evolution PSV™ cushion user for 18 years and counting!

I was 20 years old when I sustained a Spinal cord injury at the level of C5/6, and have been a VARILITE cushion user ever since. I originally found out about VARILITE through my initial rehab hospital process of trying various options from different manufacturers. Early on I started out using a different VARILITE cushion, but I have now switched to my current model the VARILITE Evolution™ cushion.

Since my main interests have always revolved around motor sports, such as building muscle cars, and ATVs, I have always enjoyed designing, drafting, and prototyping various projects. These interests led me to design and custom build my own wheelchair and it eventually turned into a career with me starting my own business, Round Betty wheels.

Because I have been working as a manufacturer of wheels for wheelchairs, I have become extremely experienced in this field and I know exactly what I need and want for my seating and positioning needs. Over the years I have been to local vendors and purchased my own cushions. Since using VARILITE products I noticed that I sit with great balance, posture, and positioning. It is a very comfortable product to use and I have never had any issues with skin break down. I have been using the VARILITE Evolution cushion now for years.

I would absolutely recommend VARILITE products to other wheelchair users because personally, I have had a very positive experience with VARILITE products for 18 years.

~Erick Bryant has been a VARILITE product user for 18 years, and is owner of Round Betty Wheels www.roundbetty.com

Jeremy's Testimonial
Jeremy displays his rugby wheelchair and truck.

Both my Evolution cushions have helped improved my transfers and independence.

I am 25 years old, and sustained a spinal cord injury 5 years ago from a motocross crash. After I went through physical therapy to learn how to live as a quadriplegic, I got right out there and started living my new life. I discovered quadriplegic rugby after watching a documentary called Murderball and have been playing with the Seattle Slam for 4 years. I love the wheelchairs we get to play in because they are like battering rams.

When someone first came to visit me in the hospital that is when I really started to learn about different types of equipment. Since I want to be as independent as I can, I need good, lightweight equipment that can take a beating. Through trial and error, I have changed wheelchairs and cushions, and now use a titanium wheelchair and a lightweight VARILITE Evolution PSV™ cushion. It is really important for me to have durable and light weight equipment because I don’t have full hand strength. Since I have been using the Evolution PSV cushion, I can tell how much my balance has improved. In fact now I own two Evolution PSV cushions, one for my everyday wheelchair and one for my rugby wheelchair. One other thing I have noticed is that when I use a transfer board to get in and out of my truck, my transfers improved and got easier because of the firmer surface of the cushion.

After 5 years of being in a wheelchair, I now try to help and educate newly injured quadriplegics, especially the guys that are interested in quad rugby. I educate them about equipment and love to show off my rugby wheelchair. I tell other people that with products like the VARILITE Evolution PSV cushion, it can improve the independence of quadriplegics because it improved my transfers, stability, and helps avoid skin issues. The cushion doesn’t make me all wobbly, like the air-celled cushion I used to have. If a valve breaks or the cushion goes flat, it is so easy to fix it at home. That saves me from having to send the cushion back for repairs.

~Jeremy Hannaford is 5 years post injury from a motocross accident and a player for a rugby team called the Seattle Slam.

Jeff's Testimonial
Jeff at home on a crisp fall day.

The Evolution PSV™ cushion has made a positive impact on my life.

I am currently 28 years old, and have been both injured and married for the past year 7 years. Due to a car accident, which left me with a T7-8 spinal cord injury, I am now a T-7 paraplegic. I currently work for an entertainment company acquiring film and television rights for distribution to TV and DVD. I play for the Rollin’ Twins Wheelchair Softball team and the Rollin’ Timberwolves Basketball team. To stay in shape I go to the gym when I find the time, but in my downtime I love to read, play the guitar and video games. As you can tell, I am very active so I consider my motto to be “The busier you are, the more you seem to get done!”

A few years ago I heard about VARILITE through my cousin, who works for a company that works with VARILITE. I ended up getting a Talon™ backrest and an Evolution PSV™ cushion. I tend to sit at an angle based on my injury, which produces an angled line of feeling around my mid-section. This makes it difficult for a gel cushion to appropriately maintain an even support of my posterior, so I really needed something that would work for me. The Evolution PSV cushion has truly made a positive impact on my personal health and quality of life. I am very impressed with the quality and endurance of the VARILITE products, since I can be extremely hard on my wheelchair and equipment by playing sports and being very active. Also, the fact that it is self-inflating is great!

~Jeff Hayne is a husband, wheelchair model and player for the Rollin’ Twins Wheelchair Softball team.

The Evolution Back™ and Evolution™ cushion work great together.

I have been injured for almost 20 years, and stay busy working full-time as a Telecom Specialist for Time Warner. As a T-7 paraplegic, I have been using VARILITE backrests and cushions for years. I know that I am using the right product for me because with the right fit, I am able to sit comfortable for long periods of time. I enjoy traveling, cooking, and for exercise, I go for long pushes around a lake. I am getting a new wheelchair soon, and as always I will be getting another Evolution PSV™ cushion because it is light and easy to use.

Over 15 years ago, I was so glad that a friend of mine recommended VARILITE to me. I have used VARILITE cushions for a long time, but this is the first time I have used the Evolution™ backrest. Compared to other backrests I have used in the past, the Evolution backrest stays in place better, and can take a beating. Just to make sure that I have the best equipment for me, I have tried out many different backrests and cushions, but I always pressure map the best on the VARILITE Evolution PSV cushion.

~Louisa Coughlan is a Wheelchair and VARILITE user for almost 20 years.

Doug Testimonial
Doug after a successful turkey hunt.

Improved Stability and Ease of Use

Every once in a while you get lucky and find a product that exceeds your expectations. The VARILITE Evolution PSV™ cushion is just such a product.

I recently went on a safari in South Africa, in a camp out in the middle of no man’s land, where everything has thorns or teeth. In preparing for the trip I made sure that all of my equipment was rugged and reliable to survive the rigors of the environment. There was one thing that troubled me, and that was the air-only cushion I had been using which had developed another leak.

Luckily, I met someone from VARILITE just before the trip who recommended I try an Evolution PSV. It was so much easier and more stable right from the start. It has a self-adjusting pressure setting valve instead of a separate pump. The valve worked flawlessly with all the altitude and temperature changes which affect air pressure. And there were no leaks, which has been a constant problem for me with the air-only cushion and my active lifestyle.

The comfort of the cushion is even better than my former cushion, especially because of the foam that adds so much more stability.

Thanks for making my life easier and better, VARILITE!


Danijela's Testimonial
Danijela with her new baby boy.

Busy moms need low maintenance cushions and support!

I have been using a wheelchair since 1992, when I was shot during the war in Kosovo in the early 1990’s. I have an incomplete spinal cord injury, and for the last 8 years I have been working full-time as a Customer Service Representative for a collections agency in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I have to work full-time because I am a single mom, and although I used to do some wheelchair sports such as skiing, and handcycling, I don’t have time for it now. All I can say is that I love being a mom, and my 4 year old son Srdjan is wonderful!

In 1994, I was lucky to be sponsored by an organization called Veterans for Peace, and I came to the United States with my mom for rehabilitation. After a few months of going through rehabilitation, and learning English, the organization found a host family for me to stay with. Unfortunately, my mom had to go back to Kosovo a few months later, and at the age of 14 years old I was alone in the United States. I was living with a wonderful host family and attending high school. I graduated from high school, and my host family became my family, in fact, I just recently moved back in with them, and they just adore my son Srdjan..

Over the years I relied on friends in wheelchairs and my physical therapist to help me about wheelchairs and cushions. I was happy when I heard about VARILITE, and was able to try out a new type of cushion. For years, I used a gel cushion, and it was always so heavy to lift. I now have the VARILITE Meridian™ cushion, and I love it because it is so lightweight. Also, when I am at work and sitting for long periods of time, I can adjust the air in the cushion. Recently, I have also noticed I am having less pain in my legs.

Because my son loves to ride on my lap and he is getting bigger, I get tired more easily. Having a light weight cushion now is so helpful, especially when I am transferring in and out of my car. The lighter my wheelchair and cushion is, the better it will be for my shoulders in the long run.

~Danijela Beckwith has been a wheelchair user since 1992 and is a happy mom of her 4 year old son, Srdjan.

Guy's Testimonial
Guy gives thumbs up for VARILITE!

My Meridian™ cushion is the best seat in the house.

On August 27th of 2007, after years of back and leg pains and 13 previous back surgeries, I had the 2nd stage of a 5th level lumbar fusion. During the procedure my spinal cord was pinched and not discovered for 4 days. A reversal procedure was performed, and as a result I ended up paralyzed from the waist down due to what is called Cauda Equina.

I did about 4 weeks of in-patient rehabilitation and during that time my therapist had me try a few different styles of chairs and cushions. My therapist did a great job picking the wheelchair and cushion for me. Since I was newly injured I didn’t have a clue about knowing what to get in the world of wheelchairs and cushions. I was sent home with a “loaner chair" that was in pretty rough shape. The cushion I went home with is referred to as a gel style cushion, which is supposed to be "fluffed" each time I got back into the wheelchair. The gel seat cushion I had caused some real painful problems for me in my legs. It was very painful when I transferred, so I stayed in my wheelchair for long periods of time to avoid transferring. The pain continued until I got THE call, my new wheelchair was ready! When I finally got my new wheelchair it was heaven.

My new wheelchair came equipped with a VARILITE Meridian™ cushion, which my physical therapist had ordered for me after pressure mapping me while I was an in-patient. Immediately, the fluid retention in my legs and feet improved. The ease of adjusting the pressure is so easy compared to the gel! I am super busy all day with long hours sitting in my wheelchair, and since I tend to forget to do pressure releases I have my VARILITE Meridian cushion to thank for not having skin issues because of my forgetfulness.

As a testimonial to the comfort of the cushion, my daughter sits in my wheelchair while I am at physical therapy. When I want to get my wheelchair back, she says it is too comfortable. Also at family gatherings, my children and grandchildren fight over the wheelchair because it's the most comfortable seat in the house!

~Guy Clark is 1 year post injury and a happy VARILITE user.

Jons Testimonial
Jon has improved his game!

My Zoid PSV™ improved my game!

My name is Jon McKanna and I am from Monroe, WA. I am 27 years old and have to use a wheelchair because I was born with Spina Bifida. I work as a support tech for a cable company, but in my spare time I participate in wheelchair sports like skiing. My favorite sport is wheelchair basketball and I play for a team named the Rolling Tritans from Edmonds, WA. I was using a pillow for a cushion on my sports wheelchair until I heard about VARILITE through a basketball team member. I now use the Zoid PSV™ cushion for my basketball wheelchair, and the first thing I noticed was how comfortable it was.

Once I started playing basketball I felt how the cushion helped improve my overall balance, which is very important when I am playing wheelchair basketball. The Zoid PSV cushion will definitely improve my game!

~Jon McKanna is a wheelchair basketball player, and lover of many adaptive sports.

Bryan's Testimonial
Bryan with his accessible Chopper.

Great pressure distribution with my Zoid PSV™.

I am 31 years old and 8 years ago I had an accident that left me with a spinal cord injury at the thoracic 3rd and 4th vertebrae. I am now paralyzed from my mid-chest down. Despite having a spinal cord injury, I am very busy! In fact I went back to work 10 months after my accident, and work full time. In my spare time I coach high school baseball, travel, go camping in the desert, draw, and volunteer my time to help newly injured people with spinal cord injuries. My family and friends mean the world to me and I am very lucky to have them in my life.

Since I have been using a wheelchair I created a great relationship with a company called Lasher Sport and through their wheelchair company I heard about VARILITE. I have been using the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ cushion for a few years now. Since I often get really busy during the day I sometimes forget to do my pressure lifts, but luckily with the Zoid PSV cushion I get great pressure distribution. Although I still need to work on remembering to do my pressure lifts, the Zoid PSV cushion gives me the protection I need to avoid skin breakdown. I have also noticed that I can sit in my wheelchair for longer periods of time without having to lie down during the day. I really think the Zoid PSV cushion helps my stamina as well.

I live where the weather ranges from 40 degrees in the winter to 120 degrees in the summer, so I knew I needed to have a cushion that could handle that type of climate, while still being comfortable and reliable. Since my friend Bill Lasher, CEO of Lasher Sport wheelchairs, has been using a wheelchair a lot longer than I have, it is important for me to thank him for telling me about VARILITE. I highly recommend the Zoid PSV cushion to other people in wheelchairs who are looking for a cushion you can count on and a product they can trust. I wouldn’t change my cushion for the world.

~Bryan King's motorcycle was built by American Choppers and he is now a mentor to newly injured patients with SCI.

Gerard's Testimonial
Gerard at wheelchair basketball practice.

Aiming higher than ever with better comfort!

For the past nine years I have had to adjust to life as a person with RAKA (Right Above Knee Amputation). As life changed so did the way I participated in sports, now I have to use adaptive equipment. I had never tried any of the VARILITE products until a fellow teammate, who is also a wheelchair basketball and handcycling enthusiast, introduced me to the products. I currently am using the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ cushion on my basketball wheelchair.

Since I am a high amputee with abnormal imbalances I have all the lower back pains and tight muscles associated with this level of amputation. I have been pleasantly surprised by the Zoid PSV cushion air-foam floatation to give me a certain stability that I didn’t realize I was missing. The Zoid PSV has helped me engage my core as a low-level injury user, and provides adjustable comfort with the pressure setting valve. Sitting correctly and evenly with my hips has helped alleviate my lower back pain.

Normally I play basketball a few hours a day and only a couple of times a week, but the first time I tried the Zoid I really put it to the extreme test with long hours during a wheelchair basketball tournament. Overall, since I have been using my Zoid PSV cushion, I have noticed less fatigue in the movements I perform in my basketball wheelchair, as well as increased comfort.

I am glad that my teammate suggested I try out the Zoid PSV because I don’t believe he knew that I was dealing with a lot of posture imbalances and could benefit from in this type of cushion. I have enjoyed my posture correction through hip alignment and the decreased fatigue using the PSV system, which has led to sustaining higher outputs of exertion. I would definitely recommend the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ seating system to anyone in a similar situation, looking for similar benefits.

~Gerard Ah-Fook is a wheelchair basketball player and handcyclist.

Ashlee's Testimonial
Ashlee is crowned Ms. Wheelchair Utah.

The Zoid PSV™ has improved my posture!

I am 26 years old, and have had Cerebral Palsy since birth. I am also a second grade teacher with a passion for music, particularly country. Throughout my life I have had a very positive attitude, and love to educate people about many things. Besides teaching, I also volunteer for various community organizations. I love to sing, attend concerts, and have made it a hobby to meet as many country singers as possible. I really enjoy amusement parks, and Disneyland is my favorite place in the entire world.

This has been a really exciting year because I was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Utah and I want to teach all people in Utah that “True Beauty Is All in the Attitude,” whether it is in or out of the classroom.

Due to my Cerebral Palsy, I need to be able to keep up with my second graders and busy schedule as Ms. Wheelchair Utah. So I need equipment that will make my life easy. I currently use a manual wheelchair, with battery powered wheels, to help assist me with pushing my wheelchair. I am glad that I heard about VARILITE through my local vendor because the Zoid PSV™ cushion is great! I have been using the Zoid PSV cushion for about 3 years now, and it has improved my posture. I definitely recommend VARILITE products to other people in wheelchairs.

~Ashlee Allington is Ms. Wheelchair Utah, and a country music lover.

Jeff's Testimonial
Jeff is serious when it comes to the competition!

Together the Zoid PSV™ and the eBack™ works with my lifestyle!

I was injured 18 years ago in a motorcycle accident and now have a spinal cord injury from the mid-chest down. I stay very active - whether it is handcycling 50 miles on the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle or doing a safety assembly for a program called Think First - I am always on the go! Because I have been injured for almost half of my life, I have learned a lot over the years regarding wheelchairs and how to fix and maintain all of the different equipment I own for the activities I participate in. I have tried out so many different kinds of backrests and cushions, but to keep active I need low maintenance, and easy to use equipment. The most important thing to me is comfort and I depend on good products that will help with my positioning and seating.

About three years ago I checked out one of my teammates new cushion and loved it so I purchased one for myself. I now use the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ for basketball and my everyday wheelchair. I love the cushion! It works with my lifestyle, which is basically “Ride for Life.” Out of all the activities I have been involved in, handcycling and basketball are the sports I am most active in. The Zoid PSV cushion is great for basketball because of the lightweight and durabe of the cushion. The way it self-inflates is pretty cool too.

I am also now using the new VARILITE eBack™ support on my wheelchair. I really like it because when it is hot outside the eBack is very breathable and I don’t sweat as much, which for me is amazing! The eBack is easy to put on and take off of my wheelchair, and I can do it one handed. It looks good on my wheelchair too. The versatility of the hardware for the eBack and the mounting points make it more durable on the wheelchair frame and it won’t move around. I am finally comfortable in my wheelchair for longer periods of time. Overall, I am now more stable and I don’t have to carry around a pump with me for a cushion. Both the Zoid PSV and the eBack give me the kind of support I need and I have noticed less spasticity. VARILITE and I will be riding and playing hard for a long time!

~Jeff Compatore is a Legal Assistant, Public Speaker and dedicated wheelchair sports athlete.

Greg's Testimonial
Greg has the catch of the day.

The Zoid PSV™ is a cushion I can always depend on.

I was injured in a car accident in 1980 and instead of the traditional spinal cord injury, I had an aortic aneurysm. The end result was that after diminished blood flow to the spinal cord during surgery to repair the damage I was partially paralyzed. I have almost complete sensation, but no muscle movement. Over the last 28 years my muscles have atrophied below my waist, and I can feel all the rubbing on my bony areas, which can be rather painful.

Despite everything I have remained a pretty active person for the last 28 years. Five years ago I first heard of VARILITE while working for a company called Sportaid.com. In 1997, when I went back to college, I discovered that sitting through long classes without much opportunity to move around was at times very uncomfortable. In my search to find a more comfortable and dependable cushion, I purchased a Zoid PSV™ cushion and have had a great experience with the cushion ever since. Now I am someone that typically sits in my wheelchair for at least 16 hours a day and the Zoid PSV is the only cushion that I found I can sit on for long periods of time.

I initially tried to use an air cushion, but became very frustrated because the air cushions did not last very long and I grew weary of frequently having to install patches. Also, since I am a larger person, my cushions take a beating when I do transfers in and out of my F-150 pickup truck. I tend to plop down onto the cushion, and the air cushions have failed repeatedly after a few weeks or months of my abuse. The Zoid PSV is the only cushion I have found that is tough enough to withstand the impact of my size and weight on a regular basis. The biggest thing I noticed about the Zoid PSV was the incredible comfort, and I enjoy being able to easily adjust the pressure during a long day.

I definitely recommend VARILITE products because I value the comfort, ease of use, and the tough and dependable construction. I like the safety of knowing that if something does happen to the cushion I will not bottom out because it is still foam, and nothing beats not having to carry around a pump to adjust the cushion.

~Greg Morris is an outdoor enthusiast and a Disability Product Specialist at VARILITE online dealer Spinlife.com.

Drew's Testimonial
Drew gets his game face on.

With the Zoid PSV™ - there's never a need to pump. That rocks!!

I am 24 years old and I was born with Cerebral Palsy, so I have used a wheelchair for mobility for most of my life. I am currently attending Edmonds Community College and I am thinking about pursuing a degree in Psychology or Recreational Therapy. I haven’t decided yet, but I am torn between studying Psychology because I have a passion for helping people, especially people with disabilities. I am also considering Recreational Therapy because of my love for adaptive sports, such as wheelchair basketball, which I have been playing for 8 years. I am lucky because there are not many colleges that recognize adaptive sports as a sport, but the community college sponsors my wheelchair basketball team.

Since I have used a wheelchair for a long time, I have tried out many different wheelchairs and wheelchair cushions. I know my body very well and can tell when my body is uncomfortable because I will have increased spasticity and stiffness. That is why I am very happy that I learned about VARILITE. I have been using the Zoid PSV™ cushion for quite a while now and it is better than all the other cushions out there. I currently use the Zoid PSV cushion for both my sports wheelchair and everyday wheelchair. I would highly recommend this cushion for anyone that wants an easy, light-weight cushion. I also really like the PSV (Pressure Setting Valve) because there is no pump involved and that rocks!

~Drew English is a Wheelchair basketball player and student at Edmonds Community College.

David's Testimonial
David acts as a coach for wheelchair basketball.

The Zoid PSV™ has helped decrease my leg spasms.

I have been a T3/4 paraplegic for 17 years after I was injured in a sledding accident in Alaska, but since then I have always maintained a pretty active lifestyle. Between my job as a Unit Clerk for the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and my love of wheelchair sports, I am always on the go. As a coach and a player for a wheelchair basketball team, I needed a cushion that I could use for all the different sport wheelchairs I own. I heard about VARILITE through another teammate on my basketball team. I noticed his cushion looked lightweight and thought that would definitely work for me and my active lifestyle. I now use the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ cushion and it has provided me with good stability, and because the cushion absorbs vibrations, I have had decreased leg spasms. Since I have no sensation below my injury I can tell that when I have no leg spasms that my body is comfortable. If my legs start to spasm I know that I am uncomfortable in the way I am sitting or what I am sitting on. This is the first time I have used any of the VARILITE products and I would definitely recommend the products to other wheelchair users. In fact, many of my other teammates now use this same cushion, and have had very positive results. I look forward to many more days of sitting comfortably. Thank you!

~David Stump is a coach and player for a wheelchair basketball team.

Freedom in My Daily Activites

May 18, 2006; My name is Brad J. I am a T-5,6 paraplegic of 16 1/2 years. I am 46 yrs old and have a 17 yr old daughter. I am very active in sports and work/volunteer as a full time job. I have gone through many wheelchairs (everyday and sports) using just about every kind of cushion on those chairs available.

In my search for a cushion that best suits my needs I have found the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ to have the combination of qualities that does that best. I require a cushion that is lightweight, withstands long periods of use without compressing, and provides stability for proper posture in the workplace. The results are less pain and discomfort than foam cushions, less displacement and heat build up than gel cushions, and due to the proper combination of foam with air-only support I do not have as much movement in my seat as other air filled cushions. These specific qualities allow me freedom in my daily activities including longer chair time, greater maneuverability, and better balance.

I highly recommend this cushion to the above average active paraplegic looking for an edge in the workplace, playing sports or just hanging out with friends. Thanks VARILITE!

Erik's Testimonial
Erik at his wedding June 2007.

My ProForm NX™ offers great positioning options for me!

I am 32 years old, just got married last year, and have had Cerebral Palsy since birth. I work as an ATP (Assistive Technology Practitioner) at Portland State University. I am also a performance artist and teacher of improvisation dance, and have been active in the disability arts movement for the past 5 years. I began dancing in 2003 after taking the Dance Ability teacher training course in Trier, Germany. I went on to teach Dance Ability in Portland and its surrounding areas, like Canada and Mexico. I was also an elected member of the teaching body of the West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival in 2006. I have a B. A. from Portland State University with a concentration in Art History.

Since I work as an ATP, and have used power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs for a long time, I am pretty educated in the world of the medical industry. I currently use a power wheelchair and have been using the VARILITE ProForm NX™ cushion for just over a year. I like the ProForm NX cushion because it has more stability than my previous air-cell cushion. It is comfortable and I like the air and foam combination.

With more positioning options that are available with the ProForm NX, I feel that my comfort level and stability has increased. I worked with a physical therapist and local vendor to obtain my cushion for insurance reasons, but I definitely found the right cushion for me through comparison shopping, and trial and error. I would highly recommend VARILITE products to people in wheelchairs.

~Erik Ferguson is an ATP, wheelchair user since birth, and performance artist.

Meg's Testimonial
Meg at a Ms. Wheelchair Washington event.

My Reflex™ cushion has decreased my back pain.

I was born with Spina bifida and have used a wheelchair for mobility for most of my life. For the past 35 years or so I have seen amazing changes in the improvements of different types of wheelchairs and wheelchair seating systems. Until I was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2008, I never realized how many amazing medical companies there are right here in Washington State. Although I usually learn about wheelchairs and medical equipment through other wheelchair users, recently I had the opportunity to meet and learn more about some of the different medical companies like VARILITE that provides products to wheelchair users. This year I purchased a brand new TiLite wheelchair and was just sitting on the generic foam seat cushion that came with the wheelchair. I have always used standard foam cushions that come with the wheelchairs I have had, but after learning more about VARILITE products I discovered a cushion called the Reflex™. I am so glad I did because compared to standard foam cushions; I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Throughout my life I have always loved wheelchair sports such as tennis, sailing, and handcycling. Besides enjoying recreational activities that get me out in the great outdoors of the Northwest, I work 40 plus hours a week. I have worked all of my adult life, but since becoming Ms. Wheelchair Washington my schedule has become very hectic due to speaking engagements, disability events, and traveling. I am lucky that that I have good circulation and sensation in my lower extremities, so I don’t have to worry about issues like skin breakdown, but being in my wheelchair for hours on end, I still get uncomfortable and have pain in my lower back. Some of the biggest changes I have noticed since I started using the Reflex cushion is that it has reduced my lower back pain, my posture has significantly improved and overall I am very pleased with an effective seating support that far exceeds a generic foam cushion. I have received feedback from other people who see me regularly and they notice my posture has improved and I appear to be sitting taller. I also love the added feature that the Reflex cushion provides after I transfer off it, it reinflates itself! It feels like I am sitting on a new cushion every time I transfer back into my wheelchair. The benefits of so much support and comfort greatly improve my overall feelings of heath and wellness - WITHOUT having to depend on muscle relaxers or pain meds!!

~Meg Paulsen has Spina Bifida and is Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2008.