VARILITE Technology: How Does It Work?

VARILITE Technology utilizes the best characteristics of foam and air to create dynamically supportive cushions.



  • Behaves like a fluid and displaces under load
  • Provides pressure relief


Multi-Stiffness Foam:

  • Acts like a spring & compresses under load
  • Keeps the air where it's needed
  • Provides support & conformation

VARILITE Technology works due to immersion:

  • The valve releases air to immerse the user in the foam
  • Each cell of the open-cell foam provides support and distributes the pressure
  • Increased immersion provides increased load distribution and greater stability
  • Optimal pressure distribution is achieved over the largest possible area

The result? Cushions with exceptional properties:

  • Pressure distribution
  • Postural support
  • Vibration reduction
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance

How are VARILITE cushions dynamically supportive?

The combination of soft foam (green) under the pelvis and firmer foam (blue) under the thighs creates continually adjusting forces (orange arrows) that evens out the interface pressures (red arrows).

Air-Foam Floatation