Doug Testimonial
Doug after a successful turkey hunt.

Improved Stability and Ease of Use

Every once in a while you get lucky and find a product that exceeds your expectations. The VARILITE Evolution PSV™ cushion is just such a product.

I recently went on a safari in South Africa, in a camp out in the middle of no man’s land, where everything has thorns or teeth. In preparing for the trip I made sure that all of my equipment was rugged and reliable to survive the rigors of the environment. There was one thing that troubled me, and that was the air-only cushion I had been using which had developed another leak.

Luckily, I met someone from VARILITE just before the trip who recommended I try an Evolution PSV. It was so much easier and more stable right from the start. It has a self-adjusting pressure setting valve instead of a separate pump. The valve worked flawlessly with all the altitude and temperature changes which affect air pressure. And there were no leaks, which has been a constant problem for me with the air-only cushion and my active lifestyle.

The comfort of the cushion is even better than my former cushion, especially because of the foam that adds so much more stability.

Thanks for making my life easier and better, VARILITE!

VARILITE products are not designed to treat decubitus, but rather to distribute pressure away from pressure-sensitve areas.

Freedom in My Daily Activiites

May 18, 2006; My name is Brad J. I am a T-5,6 paraplegic of 16 1/2 years. I am 46 yrs old and have a 17 yr old daughter. I am very active in sports and work/volunteer as a full time job. I have gone through many wheelchairs (everyday and sports) using just about every kind of cushion on those chairs available.

In my search for a cushion that best suits my needs I have found the VARILITE Zoid PSV™ to have the combination of qualities that does that best. I require a cushion that is lightweight, withstands long periods of use without compressing, and provides stability for proper posture in the workplace. The results are less pain and discomfort than foam cushions, less displacement and heat build up than gel cushions, and due to the proper combination of foam with air-only support I do not have as much movement in my seat as other air filled cushions. These specific qualities allow me freedom in my daily activities including longer chair time, greater maneuverability, and better balance.

I highly recommend this cushion to the above average active paraplegic looking for an edge in the workplace, playing sports or just hanging out with friends. Thanks VARILITE!