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Icon™ Back System
  Icon™ Back System Brochure Icon™ Back System Innovation, Versatility and Comfort. The Icon™ Back System delivers all three. DownloadPDF 325 kb
  Icon™ Technical Guide Icon™ Back System Technical Guide Size chart and fit information for the Icon™ Back System. DownloadPDF 325 kb
  Icon™ Technical Guide, Metric Icon™ Back System Technical Guide, metric version Metric size chart and fit information for the Icon™ Back System. DownloadPDF 325 kb
Seating Systems
  Seating Selection Guide Seating Selection Guide Your guide to VARILITE Seating Systems (U.S. product line). Compares features of each type of cushion. DownloadPDF 325 kb
  Reflex™ Brochure Reflex™ Non-adjustable skin protection cushion featuring VARILITE's unique Air-Release Device™. DownloadPDF 110 kb
  Wave™ Brochure Wave™ Series Solid positioning bases provide maximum skin protection and positioning-available in three styles. DownloadPDF 601 kb
  Meridian™ Brochure Meridian™ Dual-chambered adjustable skin protection cushion. Ideal for prevention of sacral sitting. DownloadPDF 191 kb



ProForm NX™ Brochure ProForm NX™ For wheelchair users with challenging positioning requirements. Modifiable. DownloadPDF 297 kb
  Evolution™ Brochures Evolution PSV™
For wheelchair users with a high degree of tissue breakdown. DownloadPDF 519 kb
  Zoid PSV™ Brochures Zoid PSV™ Tapered performance cushion with Pressure Setting Valve for active wheelchair users. DownloadPDF 310 kb
  Sacral-Ischial Foam Indentation Brochure Sacral-Ischial Foam Indentation Review this brochure regarding the softest foam area of the Air-Foam Floatation cushions. DownloadPDF 148 kb
Seating Accessories
  Seating Accessories Brochures Seating Accessories VARILITE seating accessories including Drop Base, Rigidizers. Wedge and Cheat Sheets™. DownloadPDF 175 kb
Back Supports
  Back Selection Guide Back Support Selection Guide Your guide to VARILITE Back Supports. Compares features of each type of back support. DownloadPDF 575 kb
  Talon™ Brochures Talon™ Low-profile back support. Unequaled pelvic support and comfort for wheelchair users. DownloadPDF 357 kb
  Evolution Back™ Brochures Evolution Back™ The Evolution Back™ familly of back supports including Evolution Back Deep™. DownloadPDF 266 kb
  Back Hardware Back System Hardware The new Back System Hardware for the eBack™ and Evolution Back™ makes installation quicker and easier. DownloadPDF 375 kb
  Lateral Supports Brochures Lateral Supports Lateral Supports compliment Evolution Back systems. Fixed or swing-away styles available. DownloadPDF 233 kb
  BackRest Brochures BackRest™ Adjustable Air-Foam Floatation lumbar support for extended sitting comfort. DownloadPDF 269 kb
Secondary Supports
  Secondary Supports Brochures Secondary Supports Additional postural support comes from secondary supports including hip belts, chest harnesses, or ankle positioning devices. DownloadPDF 352 kb
Archived Product
  eBack™ Brochures eBack™ The eBack™ is a general use back for wheelchair users with basic support needs. Discontinued January 2013. DownloadPDF 284 kb