Icon Back System

For many wheelchair users, a solid back system is essential for proper positioning. It supports the spine and positions the pelvis. Lateral supports of the back system keep the user stable. The back system provides a mounting structure for headrests, thoracic supports, chest harnesses and hip belts. Pads, blocks or other positioning accessories that attach to the back help accommodate kyphosis, scoliosis, abnormal tone and other conditions.

Built with the user, caregiver and technician in mind, the Icon™ Back System provides the best solution for those who demand fast installation, adjustment versatility, and simple operation. The Icon™ Back System offers a variety of back types and sizes, each with innovative VariLock hardware, plus a VARILITE air-foam floatation cushion for superior comfort.

Combines innovative VariLock™ hardware with a sleek, low profile look.

Provides support and positioning to improve trunk control and decrease fatigue.

Well suited for users needing additional support, or with a tilt-recline system.

Ideal for users needing maximum support.

PAL (Positive Action Lateral) swing-away thoracic supports compliment Icon and Evolution Back systems.

Fixed thoracic support for situation when a swing-away lateral is not required.