JUNIOR Products

As we recognize the important role of early intervention in cognitive development, more and more children use mobility bases at an earlier age. VARILITE JUNIOR Seating Systems were designed with the knowledge that children are not small adults- that’s why we focused on the not-so-small details that make our products just for them.

The VARILITE JUNIOR line features a full range of size-appropriate seating and positioning items to support children their mobility device, allowing them to go where their imagination takes them. By exploring their world, children gain confidence, increased peer interaction and independence. And VARILITE JUNIOR seating systems are there to support them along the way.

Ideal for children with a high degree of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs.

Perfect for active children who require moderate support.

Provides maximum support while allowing for freedom of movement.

PAL (Positive Action Lateral) Swing- Away thoracic supports designed just for children.

Anterior thoracic support contoured for an anatomically optimal fit. Dynamic Positioning Strap available.

Ankle-positioning device positions the lower extremities. Attaches to the footplate of a wheelchair.