Evolution Back™

The Evolution back is an adjustable back support for wheelchair users with moderate to maximum support needs.

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Evolution Back™

The VARILITE Evolution Back™ is the back system of choice for wheelchair users with moderate to maximum support needs.

Therapists recommend the Evolution Back because it is easy to mount and remove with one hand, even for the user without fine motor skills. The system is lightweight to conserve energy expenditure for the client who manually propels. Mounting hardware, which comes pre-installed, provides a wide range of lateral, seat-to-angle, and seat-depth adjustment.

Users and caregivers value the Evolution Back’s comfort and effective support. Sleek and strong. Lightweight and user friendly.

Effective postural support, adjustability, comfort and simplicity have made the Evolution Back a favorite of seating specialists. It handles third-party secondary supports with ease and works with the VARILITE PAL™ to provide an elegant, low-profile, integrated back and swing-away lateral support system. VARILITE Evolution Back systems are available in a range of widths, from pediatric to bariatric, and in regular or tall sizes.

The Hardware
Adjustability at all four attachment points. To allow for client growth, aluminum brackets permit 1 inch (2.5 cm) of lateral adjustment. Steel pin bars slide anteriorly and posteriorly to allow for back angle and seat depth adjustment. Pin bars simply slide in the receiving cane clip and snap the system into place. Quick, easy, and no unsightly J-hooks.

The Shell
Made from aluminum and trimmed with protective edging, the VARILITE Evolution Back shell is the lightest in the industry. Back panel is flat for flush mounting of headrest hardware. Contoured sides provide lateral support and attachment area for hip belts, laterals and hip guides. Shell has a handle cutout for easy shell removal by individuals with limited hand function. Slots accommodate different chair and mounting configurations. Shell supports users up to 250 lbs (115kg).

Air/Foam Cushion
VARILITE Air-Foam Floatation. A two-way valve allows air in and out of the cushion for a custom fit. Sculpted foam fits shell contour without bunching. Cushion foam is thickest along the vertebral column for added comfort and protection. Four-way-stretch knit fabric for compliance is bonded to the foam. Fabric is puncture and water-resistant. Cushion is oversized to protect the user during reaching or weight-shifting activities.

The Cover
Provides maximum padding and protection. Four-way-stretch mesh top fabric wicks moisture away from the body. A large loop panel on the backside of the cover securely attaches to hook strips on the shell, while a wrap around handle flap prevents downward slippage for even the most active user. Reticulated foam inside the cover promotes air exchange and improves pressure distribution. Evolution Back cover meets ISO 7176-16 ignition resistance standards for upholstered wheelchair components. Machine washable.

Pin bars for VARILITE Evolution Back systems are available in regular or extended lengths. Extended pin bars allow for even greater seat depth and angle adjustability. Extended pin bars are optional on Evolution Back regular and tall sizes.

Technical Specifications

Cushion CompositionAir-Foam Floatation
Shell CompositionAluminum
Hardware CompositionMetal
Hardware TypeAdjustable
Weight4.2 lbs. (18 in.) (includes all hardware)
Cover TypeMesh
Valve TypeStandard
MaintenanceOnce a week, allow your VARILITE cushion to fully inflate overnight with all valves open.
Warranty2 Years, excluding cushion cover
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