Crash Testing

ANSI and ISO Standards

Who develops standards?

Industry groups have developed standards to protect wheelchair users during transport in motor vehicles. People with disabilities often cannot transfer to a motor vehicle seat that has been designed to provide crash worthiness and is equipped

Frontal impact test at UMTRI using WC20
surrogate wheelchair base and Hybrid III Midsize Male ATD.

with vehicle restraint systems. Industry standards are intended to reduce the risk faced by people who remain seated in their wheelchairs while in motor vehicles.

ANSI/RESNA working groups developed ANSI/RESNA WC20/Vol 4 applicable in the USA. At the same time, ISO 16840-4 was developed as a global standard. (Both standards are in draft status and not yet formally approved by their respective organizations.) The standards include guidelines on vehicle restraints and clear zones. For a good explanation of all the factors that determine safe transport in motor vehicles, visit or download the Ride Safe Brochure.

VARILITE Compliance
At VARILITE, the safety and wellbeing of our customers is our highest priority. We have tested appropriate products for compliance with the requirements of the pending standards. Because one of the requirements is that, during a frontal impact, the seating system limits the amount of head excursion, or movement, only our back supports that provide sufficient head support have been tested. These are our Icon™ Tall Back, Icon™ and Deep Back.

Testing only applies to back supports equipped with all metal hardware introduced October 1, 2007 or later. To determine if your VARILITE back support meets crash test standards, open our back support version guide.

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